Our Story

DiRusso and Brooks believes in lasting relationships and taking chances.  Founded in 2016 by longtime business professionals Elizabeth DiRusso and Alexis Brooks, the law group took a leap of faith and launched itself into the legal business world as their own LLC, leaving their international in-house counsel and product marketing positions behind. To the founders, building a law group that focuses on helping passionate people building their businesses up was the key to creating a law group that they could be equally passionate about. DiRusso and Brooks takes its Fortune 500 background and experience and applies it to start-ups, allowing new companies the chance to flourish and create mutually beneficial relationships.



DiRusso and Brooks is a law group of passionate people helping passionate businesses. The goal of the law group it to help start-ups and small businesses grow into self-sustaining companies that bring something new to the marketplace. At the heart of DiRusso and Brooks is passion and the goal rewarding passion with unparalleled service.